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Sulle tracce di un archeologia cosmica
è l'arte visionaria di Gilbert Williams.
Pittura che vive di luce propria,
come un invito al viaggio trascendente
in un panorama di immagini archetipali.
Una meditazione verso magiche e fantastiche
visioni di armonie meravigliose,
dove templi, boshetti, cristalli, laghi
ed esseri della luce testimoniano
la loro aurea presenza, come porte
multidimensionali, verso un viaggio
nella lunare sapienza intuitiva.
Riflessi dell'anima, eterni ponti
tra il mondo interiore e quello esteriore.
Il guardiano della soglia illumina la strada,
tutto si quieta nell'incontro con i mondi
nascosti al di là della paura, siamo pervasi
da una calma serenità, mentre lo stupore
ci pervade sulla via che passa attraverso
le sfingi, è il sentiero verso la grazia,
in cammino verso la luce...

L'arte del californiano Gilbert Williams
è il desiderio più profondo in forma visibile.

(Presentazione di Mauro Nobilini 7 settembre 2005)

Gilbert Williams' Biographical Information

Gilbert Williams is the world's most renowned and revered Visionary painter. His canvases glow with transcendent light and a remarkable panorama of archetypal images: temples, groves, lakes and light beings, goddesses and nature spirits, moons and magical mountains.

Gilbert Williams was born in Santa Monica, California, on January 2, 1950. When he was five, his family moved to Anaheim, California.

Gilbert Williams

As a child Williams was already drawing avidly, and added to this natural artistic predisposition were the three major artistic influences of his childhood. One of these was Williams' father. Williams installed heating and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings for a living, but was an avid and very creative stonemason who graced every house he ever lived in with elaborate stone and brick work.

Another was his uncle, Bob Mattey, who was head of Disney's special effects department. Mattey -- whose most famous/infamous creation was the shark in Jaws -- took Williams to Disneyland while it was still under construction, and Williams remembers his uncle's backyard studio as "a wonderland of plaster molds, tools, and movie props." And finally there was photographer Jack Howard. A friend of his parents', Howard was an artistic photographer who taught Williams much about composition and lighting -- and provided an invaluable example that a person could make a living doing something creative.

As Williams grew up, he continued drawing -- and studying, almost entirely on his own. He explored art history and the techniques of the Renaissance Masters and engaged in peripheral studies that included anthropology, archaeology and geology. He visited museums, not drawn to any particular artist or school in these earlier days, but rather was "mostly just fascinated by the haunting aura given off by the old or ancient objects. I remember having fleeting memories of a different way of thinking and feeling. " When he left high school he entered Fullerton College, but realized after a year that he was better off following his own Muse.

Williams' career as a professional painter began in earnest in Mt. Shasta, California, in late 1970s, when he began selling paintings in local galleries. Major national magazines took notice, and so did Hollywood. His images have been used for album covers by Michael Jackson, by Crosby, Stills & Nash, and for the Fresh Aire albums produced by Mannheim Steamroller & The London Symphony. They have also been used as cover art and illustration by Omni Magazine. His reputation spread rapidly, and in the early 1980s Williams became the featured painter at the Illuminarium Gallery and Isis Rising. Now Williams' originals are frequently sold to collectors within days of completion. And Isis Rising publishes notecards, posters, matted art, art books and lithographs of Williams' works.

Originals of Gilbert Williams' work are available exclusively from Isis Rising. Further information is available by calling the Isis Rising executive offices at 407/876-2962.


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Gilbert Williams
è un'artista americano che attualmente
vive e lavora in California.
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