Mauromilante 2009 Level 16 Photoshop by Mauro Nobilini

Mauromilante Fire 2009 Level 27 Photoshop by Mauro Nobilini

"As mad as a hatter" Pictures 2009 Photoshop by Mauro Nobilini -

"Essere matti come un cappellaio" 2009 Photoshop by Nobilini -

Mauro Nobilini born in 1957 in Bologna.
He begins with comics balloons on the Cannibale and Charlie Hebdo
in 1979, and realizes images (from Frigidaire, Vogue, Donna, Vanity,
The Face) for fashion and music publications.
Simultaneously it begins the artistic activity like photographer
and painter. He exhibits in 1995 in the Museum Ken Damy of Brescia
and in the Basilica of San Miniato in Florence ecc..
In 2000 anthological personal exhibition in the Studio Ercolani of Bologna.
From 2001 Ling-Ku pictures, first works in computer art.
In 2002 he realizes as web master the personal site ARTLING -
Balloons, paints, photography, computer art, television,
cinema and eastern philosophies integrate themselves in the alchimia
of the artistic works.

In 2003 the official site ARTLING Web Gallery by Mauro Nobilini.
In 2005, he won the first prize for "computer art"
of 5th international Competition "18x24" of the
Circolo Artistico di Jesolo Lido di Venezia.

In 2006 is present in Hype Gallery Amsterdam at the old Post CS Building.
Magazine "TRICYCLE" the buddhist review by New York
Winter 2006 - Awakening to the dream: Namkhai Norbu painting.
Cartoon "corricorri" short animation in Flash MX.

2007 / 2008 - Derive digitali by Ma-Tango
2008 - Pre view Ma-Tango to My Friends official site by DJ Francesco

2008 - Maria's Pictures Photoshop.
- Premiere Astro Mauro-booth e Rain Model Pictures in Facebook
2009 - Astro Maurobooth is present in Facebook

2009 - In Facebook Yunn Model Pictures Photoshop;
Amber Model Pictures Photoshop;
Kittie Kat Pictures Photoshop - Mauro's Quicksilver Picture Photoshop.

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web master - italian artist
Mauro Nobilini

Bologna - Italy



Kittie Kat in Hello Kittie! Bang! Bang! Photostory

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Mauromilante 2009 photoshop by Mauro Nobilini

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