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  • Computer art: 11 Ling-Top pictures dedicated to Tan Mang Ling by Mauro Nobilini

    It's the fairy of stars the one who is born from the deep
    of the unconscious ,
    the desire of life for it self here now.
    From the waters of the unconscious is the impulse of energy
    of creative love, original impulse of life, but also hope
    that from the ruins always be born a new life.
    The goddess of stars is the one that manifest
    in the dream of the inner desire: what before was a visionary
    feeling of cloudy spirals, takes shape from the secret crystal of life.
    In the callback of the fairy of stars it is the print of desire...

    one give for Ling...
    3 dicembre 2004

    Stars -Naga

  • 76 Ling-Ku pictures dedicated to Tan Mang Ling by Mauro Nobilini: 76 Ling-Ku pictures
  • Oil Painting by Mauro Nobilini: Pitture-ART

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